We are One of a HundrED

hundrED Global Award 2019

Tagtiv8 have been announced by global education nonprofit HundrED as one of 100 most inspiring K12 innovations across the world. Tagtiv8 is one of the innovations selected from 36 countries to be recognised. Needless to say, we are immensely proud of the HundrED award. We want to thank all the pioneering teachers and schools who took a risk about trying out our Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches. You made this award possible!

What is HundrED?

HundrED aims to share best practice ideas and K12 innovations across borders to help improve the future of education globally. To achieve this, a team of researchers investigated innovations from around the world to determine 100 projects that are already changing the face of education. Over 1,000 innovations were identified through research, events and recommendations and then 160 were evaluated by HundrED’s academy made up of educational experts, educators and students (ages 11-19 years old) from 28 countries on their innovativeness, impact and scalability.

Why is Tagtiv8 a HundrED 100?

Tagtiv8 was chosen due to its unique pioneering status and ability to create a scalable impact, reaching 5 countries to date. Tagtiv8 are now working with over 65,000 children and teachers across the UK and abroad. Teachers respect the pedagogy and children love the games.

Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Tagtiv8 games & ideas not only provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom based learning, but promote physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles. Research by Leeds Beckett University demonstrates that Tagtiv8’s Physically Active Learning (PAL) solutions tackle inactivity & obesity levels. Not only that, Tagtiv8 PAL approaches impact positively on standards and academic performance. Last year, the Tagtiv8 Active Maths programme was awarded Level 5 by NESTA.

Tagtiv8 are proud of their Yorkshire roots. Their resources are manufactured and distributed from Bradford – through an innovative partnership with the charity, hft. To find out more, click here.

What do they Say?

Bryn Llewellyn, founder of Tagtiv8 said: “We’re so pleased to have been selected as one of HundrED’s 100 global innovations. Tagtiv8 was created to ensure teachers are able to engage learners, and improve outcomes. Being offered the opportunity to extend this beyond the UK using HundrED’s platform, a network of global educators and innovators, is amazing and we are excited to see just how much further our work can be scaled.” To find out more, click here and here.

The selected 100 K12 innovations cover various fields of education from learning environments and holistic wellbeing to collaborative learning and game-based education, as well as a range of themes including small teacher-led practices, ambitious not-for-profit initiatives, viral edtech products and unique whole school models.

Saku Tuominen, CEO of HundrED, said: “Spreading innovations such as Tagtiv8 across borders can be a game-changer for education, worldwide. We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible including schools, educators, administrators, students and organisations to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future.”

The award was presented at the HundrED Summit, which coincided with Helsinki Education Week. As well as thanking all the Tagtiv8 schools, we would like to thank the many people who organised and curated the event, including Pukhraj Ranjan, Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Lauren Wilson and Frederika Warren. Huge thanks too the various guest speakers who inspired us with their journeys and more.

Do you want to find out more?

To share the K12 innovations, HundrED has created an online platform so that educators around the world can trial and review Tagtiv8, and all the other innovations using the resources, for free. To explore the global innovations, please visit: www.hundred.org. Looking at the other 99 innovations we know that we are amongst awesome company. It’s impossible to mention everyone, but BIG UPs to the following UK innovations for sharing and supporting each other:

While in Helsinki, we worked and played with teachers and children. We loved it so much, we returned in 2019.