Creactivity with Night Zookeeper

What is Creactivity with Night Zookeeper?

Night Zookeeper are great friends of ours. Like us, they were formed by a teacher with a remit to make a real difference to the lives of children. We are also part of the HundrED ‘Ones to watch in 2019’. We both believe in the power of play and welcome opportunities to collaborate and create – especially as these sessions will ‘inspire a love of writing’.

So here we go – Tagtiv8 & Night Zookeeper on Tour…

Creactivity with Night Zookeeper

What does a Creactivity Day Look Like?

There is no set format – it is very much bespoke and geared towards the needs of your school and your learners.

Some schools bring us in for a day, while others have brought us in for a week.

Some schools launch the creative collaboration with an assembly, while others celebrate with an assembly at the end of the event. Other schools skip this and just get involved with the creactivity.

Children get active and collect letters to build word s during a fun game of Tagtiv8.

Getting Active

They use these letters to create names of new magical animals to live in the Night Zoo.

Creactivity 2

They develop ideas for the way their magical animals look, move and sound.

Creactivity 3Creactivity 4

Children get creative producing artwork for their very own Night Zoo!

Creactivity 4

Finally, they’ll go into the digital world by setting up their Night Zookeeper accounts.

Creactivity 5

What will the Children Learn?

  • How to write an article for their new Night Zookeeper blog
  • Creative thinking skills throughout active Tagtiv8 sessions
  • Teamwork & leadership skills as well as resilience & problem-solving
  • An understanding of the need to be active and healthy
  • An extended vocabulary – using words in unique ways
  • How to develop their digital skills and learn about online safety
  • Plus much, much more!

What do people Say?

“The concept is is great! It covers all abilities. The less creative writers easily get lots of ideas to inspire them, the artistic ones love the drawing and have visual prompts with their sketches and aerial photos. I also love the way the kids are asked to use drama, incorporating movement and music.”

“The session was amazing, brilliant and excellent…all put together. It was AMBRILLIENT!”

How do we Book a Creactivity Day?

To find out about costs and availability, just email us at or call us on 07506 523354.

Discovering More

Find out more about Night Zookeeper here.

To watch their award-winning animated TV series with Sky Kids, click here.

Special Limited Edition Offer

  • 4 free Night Zookeeper class accounts for 12-months (worth £680)
  • £50 off a Tagtiv8 Active English resource pack for your school
  • The first three Night Zookeeper storybooks for your school, signed by the author