Media Coverage

Many of you will have seen recent television programmes about older people – some of whom have dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. No doubt you will have smiled and cried at BBC’s ‘Our Dementia Choir’ with actress and campaigner. Vicky McClure. You will no doubt recall the positive impacts on young and old alike in Channel 4’s series, ‘Old people’s Home for 4 Year Olds’.

We know that intergenerational programmes can have a massive impact on all concerned – whether they be the children, the older people or the adults who work in education and care sectors. Last year, we piloted our own intergenerational programme with Leeds Beckett University and Crossgates Library in Leeds. The impact here was incredibly positive:

“From my point of view, I felt it was a fantastic activity that addressed physical, mental and social stimulation. From a physiotherapist’s point of view, the physical activity was relevant in challenging strength and balance and therefore addresses falls risk. It was inclusive, interactive and fun. I loved it.”
Mary Tyrrell Place, Proactive Care Physiotherapist

“It was fantastic to see an element of competition with some individuals even jogging! And repeatedly getting up and out of their seat in quick succession – surely building their own confidence in their own functional capacity.”
Dr Victoria Archbold, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

As to the impact on the older adults, the smiles speak for themselves…

Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

Tagtiv8 Intergenerational Programmes

Research demonstrates that music resonates with older people – it rekindles memories. During our pilot programme, it soon became apparent that places had a similar impact. Participants in Leeds were eager to create names of places:

  • Where they were born and where they grew up
  • Where their children and grandchildren had moved to
  • Places they have visited – both in the UK and abroad

The conversations around places led to discussions about spaces and faces. This programme allows wonderful opportunities to develop geographical and historical knowledge, skills and concepts.

Yes, Tagtiv8 can offer physically active learning opportunities for Mathematics and English, but why stop there? Let’s be creative with the way we work, play and think.

Collaboration with Technology

We love to work and play with others – especially with organisations developing technology to improve lives. Many local councils already engage with our friends at Tovertafel and Shift8. Wakefield Council, for example, already have Tovertafel resources in 6 libraries across the region. Wouldn’t it be great to see children co-delivering ‘move & learn’ sessions using Tagtiv8 resources blended with such technology? The benefits – physical, social and emotional – soon become apparent.

Looking Ahead

  • Are you interested in collaboration via an intergenerational Tagtiv8 programme?
  • Would you like to engage with a local care home and/or library in your local community?
  • Would you like to encourage your children to engage with their own grandparents and great-grandparents?

Tagtiv8 are here to work and play with you. Contact us to check availability and discuss options.