Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

Tagtiv8 Active Learning – for Young and Old Alike

At Tagtiv8, we are used to playing in classrooms, in PE halls, in MUGAs and of course in the playground. In theory, a library is not a location that we would usually consider appropriate for our active learning games.

Running and jumping around does not mix well with old and sometimes delicate books and shushing librarians generally. So it’s a good job that we adapted our games to suit the location and a completely different type of player…

Last week, at Crossgates Library in Leeds, Tagtiv8 teamed up with LiveWellLeeds and Leeds Beckett University to deliver an active learning session. Why was it adapted? Well, Tagtiv8 are used to working with school children. However, the participants this time were slightly older than those in Key Stage 3.
Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

However, as Andy Gaunt, Headteacher at the wonderful Greengates Primary School, is keen to point out, Tagtiv8 games really are remarkably versatile.

The aim of this session at Crossgates Library was to see how Tagtiv8 games can help older people and it seems active learning works – on many levels.

We got stuck into some adapted Tagtiv8 games in this session and truly appreciated every participant getting involved and having fun playing the games.Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

“From my point of view, I felt it was a fantastic activity that addressed physical, mental and social stimulation. From a physiotherapist’s point of view, the physical activity was relevant in challenging strength and balance and therefore addresses falls risk. It was inclusive, interactive and fun. I loved it.”
Mary Tyrrell Place, Proactive Care Physiotherapist

“It was fantastic to see an element of competition with some individuals even jogging! And repeatedly getting up and out of their seat in quick succession – surely building their own confidence in their own functional capacity.”
Dr Victoria Archbold, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

It’s proven that people with dementia are better at remembering, retaining information and are happier when mentally stimulated. It would seem that Tagtiv8 ticks those boxes. For wonderful ideas and practical activities from Greenwood Homecare click here.

The session was co-delivered with Year 3 students from LBU’s Carnegie School of Sport and Sport & Exercise Science courses, thus ensuring there was a truly inter-generational approach. 

Watching the communication between the students and participants was wonderful. The rapport meant that everybody left with smiles on their faces. They had tried something new – “a game that was better than scrabble” apparently!

Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

Tagtiv8 Active Learning Crossgate Library

We are looking forward to the next session and would like to thank Crossgates Library for inviting us.

The session evolved from the 2nd YoHPAKE Symposium at Sheffield Hallam University earlier this year. If, like us, you are interested in the connections between physical activity and health, we strongly recommend that you join the Yorkshire and Humberside Physical Activity Knowledge Exchange (YoHPAKE) on Google+ Communities.