Physically Active Learning in Science, History, Geography & Languages

Physically Active Learning in Science, History, Geography & Languages

Is physically active learning in science, history, geography and languages possible?

Of course – our versatile tags help make learning stick. Just ask Chris Dyson from Parklands Primary School in Leeds.

Our Tagtiv8 Word games are now fully established to deliver English in an active way. Learning SPaG has never been as fun! Watching the children play the games, it soon became apparent that teachers can use Tagtiv8 to deliver other subjects too:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Languages other than English

We have already trialled the games in Spanish, Welsh, Finnish and Swedish – and we know they will work with other languages too. The world really is your hummeri!

Making Learning Stick in Science, History & Geography

Tagtiv8 is all about sticky learning – as seen in this post.

“Now I get it – it’s fun, it’s active and it’s sticky!”

Tagtiv8 is a great way for children to talk about learning and what they know. It opens up discussions to test theories and ideas – children record and present their findings creatively.

It’s easy to link Tagtiv8 to your topics or themes in Science, History and Geography. Children quickly create words related to healthy living, dinosaurs and plastic. Listening to children talk about historical events using the tags as prompts is wonderful, as is discovering what they know about other parts of the world.

Who knew Knowledge Organisers could be so active!

Making Learning Stick in Other Languages

Tagtiv8 are now global innovation award winners for 2 years running – thanks to Finland-based HundrED. Whilst in Helsinki, we took the opportunity to develop Tagtiv8’s ability to develop understanding in Finnish and Swedish. Do you want to know more? Check out the outcomes here and here.

Learning Finnish and Swedish

Can Tagtiv8 be used in other languages? Of course! Try Tagtiv8 to teach Welsh, French, Spanish and German. Try it with other languages too. It really is easy – all you need are our Tagtiv8 letter tags and dry wipe pens for those accents. Engage your students with grammar, phonology and vocabulary:

  • c’est amusant et facile
  • es macht Spaß und ist einfach
  • es divertido y fácil

Looking Ahead – What Next?

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