What is our Mission?

Who Are We & Where Have We Come From?

We created Tagtiv8 in 2012. Why? As teachers and school leaders, we love to learn. However, we hate sitting down for long periods of time. Sadly, many schools focus only on English and Mathematics – with certain subjects put to one side. In many schools, subjects are taught in boxes – we believe that this is not how we learn best. Our mission is simple – to create educational resources and training that develop confidence in key areas of the curriculum through physical activity.

How Did We Get Here?

We taught in various UK schools for 25 years. However, we were becoming increasingly worried that certain agencies – driven by data – were putting undue pressure on teachers and learners through academic accountability and over-testing. Children were sitting down far too long – with English, Phonics and Mathematics the sole diet for many children. As Michael Rosen says…

The data Have Landed

There were simply not enough opportunities to move and learn. So Tagtiv8 set about creating ideas and games – with children and teachers – to redress the balance. Working with schools ensured we were able to successfully create Physically Active Learning (PAL) games with a multitude of benefits. These win:win solutions for health and education can be seen in this TEDx Talk with Dr Andy Daly-Smith.

Teachers trust our pedagogy and children love our active learning games. We are currently working with over 80,000 children across the globe.

Where Are We Going?

As teachers and leaders, we need to look at ways we can increase and embed creative opportunities for learning. 

Our approaches and ideas help develop unique and innovative ways to combine English, Mathematics and other subjects with Physical Activity. Tagtiv8 resources and training help teachers to unlock the potential of the classroom, PE hall and outdoor environment for learning different subjects, while also developing levels of fitness in our children.

Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Tagtiv8 PAL games and ideas provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom based learning. We promote physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Tagtiv8 ideas, games, resources and training packages are ideally suited to help schools:

Tagtiv8’s vision is an education system that improves standards. However, we also want one that values and develops the physical and emotional well-being of children and adults.

Do you want a new perspective on learning? We do – that’s why we make English, Maths and other subjects active, relevant and fun.

Tagtiv8 games are a great way to ensure you reach & exceed your 30/30!

How Are We Going To Get There?

  • Create and share activities that promote physical well-being
  • Provide resources that impact on standards in English and Mathematics
  • Support teachers with innovative training packages – ensuring they are confident and competent to deliver PAL approaches
  • Provide schools with PAL approaches that make learning exciting and relevant – engaging even the most reluctant learners
  • Promote creativity in children – allowing them to develop their own PAL games and then share them with other schools

We are not like other organisations who make bold claims based on case studies. We work closely with Leeds Beckett University and Leeds University, developing robust research that demonstrates the impact of PAL.

LBU MVPA Findings

Sit less Move More

Our Values

At Tagtiv8, we value creativity, problem-solving and play. People learn best when they are active and challenged, with time to genuinely reflect. Creativity, collaboration and sharing are fundamental to us. We have fun creating our games. Likewise, we want children and teachers to have fun playing them. Our team get such a buzz when teachers and learners share the PAL games they have created with us and others. 

Many of our games are co-created by schools, organisations and individuals. This is why we credit each and every one of them. All materials are ©Tagtiv8 Ltd. All Tagtiv8 materials are time-stamped online as they are created and developed – this prevents infringement of intellectual property. Please respect this and enjoy our games responsibly.

We are committed to sustainability and always seek innovative ways to reduce our carbon emissions.

Tagtiv8 are part of a growing movement. Join us and like-minded souls – let’s #moveandlearn together.