TT Rock Stars #Collab

We love Times Tables Rock Stars! Who doesn’t? Every school we go to features a TT Rock Stars display board with ‘Battle of the Bands’ Leader Boards. The best part is the excitement in learning that TT Rock Stars generates – with teachers, children, as well as parents and carers.

Why does this happen? It’s simple really – they make learning key facts fun. What can be better than gamifying essential numeracy skills for life?

Times Tables Rock Stars & Tagtiv8 – a Shared Ethos

Times Tables Rock Stars and Tagtiv8 were both formed by teachers with a passion for making a difference to the lives of children – and teachers! We are both committed to making learning fun, active and relevant. We both also feature in HundrED’s Top 100 Global education Innovations for 2019.

Working & Playing with TT Rock Stars & Tagtiv8 

Would you like to help your children develop their understanding of Multiplication with a Times Tables Activity Day?

We can work and play with some or all of your children – focussing on their chosen times tables. How do we do this?

  • Using Tagtiv8 number games to generate enthusiasm for Mathematics
  • Blending Tagtiv8 ‘move & learn’ approaches with the TT Rock Stars platform
  • Introducing the children & teachers to new games such as ‘Riff! Rap! Kerrang! and ‘Guitar Jumps!’
  • Enabling teachers with skills to deliver their own ‘move & learn’ approaches for multiplication

Check out how ‘move & learn’ in Mathematics works across all languages…

Our ‘move & learn’ approaches engage even the most reluctant of learners and those children with a fear of Mathematics…

Fear of Maths

It’s not just about the smiles – Tagtiv8 really does work as well as play. The NESTA recognised research by Dr Andy Daly-Smith  at Leeds Beckett University demonstrates impact on cognition as well as levels of physical activity.

How do we Book a TT Rock Stars Tagtiv8 Times Tables Day?

Simply drop us a line at or give us a call on 020 3370 4272 to discuss availability and practicalities.

TT Rock Star & Tagtiv8 Times Tables Days are bespoke to the needs of your school, learners and teachers.

We can offer:

  • assemblies to launch the day or celebrate the event at the end of the day
  • physically active learning sessions for whole classes or targeted groups of children
  • a working lunch for key teachers
  • an after-school CPD session for all staff
  • resources and practical ideas to engage all learners – from EYFS to Y6
  • plus lots more!

Looking forward to mixing Multiplication, Music & Movement!