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The Tagtiv8 Number Premium kit.


What is Premium Tagtiv8 Number?

Whether it be composition of numbers, number bonds, times tables or algebra, we know your children will love playing our Tagtiv8 games. Why are we confident about this? All of the activities have been created by teachers and children from schools around the globe. We know what works as well as plays! Believe us, Tagtiv8 Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches will engage even the most reluctant learner.

The active learning games in our Premium Tagtiv8 Number programme actively develop confidence in Mathematics, focusing on:

  1. fluency
  2. reasoning
  3. problem solving

Most Tagtiv8 games have direct links to the Mathematics National Curriculum for England, 2014. We believe you can activate any Mathematical objective from your school’s preferred Scheme of Work. Tagtiv8 games are incredibly versatile – you can incorporate a range of objectives by being creative.

What is included in Premium Tagtiv8 Number?

  • Six matching colourful tidy trays to stack and store the Tags. These innovative units help store the Tagtiv8 equipment as well as facilitate easy organisation for the games themselves.
  • 70 Red Tags: Even Numbers (0,2,4,6…100 and 0,2,4,6…20)
  • 62 Yellow Tags: Odd Numbers (1,3,5…99 and 1,3,5…19)
  • 216 Blue Tags: Operation symbols to create number sentences: + – x / = ( )  < >
  • 30 Black Velcro Belts
  • Access to FREE regularly updated Session Plans and Activity Cards
Active Thinking

Tagtiv8 Premium Number kit in action

What are people saying about Tagtiv8 Number?

“We’re big fans of what you are doing.”

Kelsey Brown, White Rose Maths Hub

“With Tagtiv8 Maths, you don’t get a chance to be bored…you don’t tune out.”

Bella (Year 5), Westerton Primary Academy Wakefield

“I really enjoyed it. I wish we could do maths like this every day.”

Amelia (Year 5), Thorpe Primary School Bradford

“Tagtiv8 takes away the fear of Maths.”

Lianne Collins (Year 3 Teacher), Castercliff Primary Academy, Nelson

“I didn’t know he could do that. He’s never written it in his maths book, he’s never shown me in a maths lesson.”

Mark Stephenson, Teacher, Lanchester EP Primary School, Durham

Supporting Local People – our Premium Number Kit is Made in Yorkshire


Tagtiv8 Premium Number Made in Yorkshire

Tagtiv8 Premium Number Made in Yorkshire

We are incredibly proud that our Tagtiv8 Number kit has been assembled by the awesome people at To find out more about the people and the processes, click here.

Charity Partnership in Bradford

Charity Partnership in Bradford

How much does the Tagtiv8 Premium Number kit cost?

Our Tagtiv8 Premium Number kit costs £645 plus VAT. Savings can be made if you book an Activity Day & CPD with us – just give us a shout to find out more.