Active Learning English – Tagtiv8 Word (Premium)


Tagtiv8 Word (Premium)


Physically Active Learning in English

Tagtiv8 resources provide innovative opportunities for active learning in English – and other subjects too!

Forward-thinking teachers know that Tagtiv8 Word helps children deepen their understanding of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG). Who knew that Tagtiv8 could make phonics fun and active! Tagtiv8 games have direct links to the English National Curriculum.

The approaches are incredibly versatile – suitable for all ages, for whole classes and intervention groups.

All activities include a blend of Physical and Thinking Challenges, guaranteed to engage even the most reluctant learner.

How does Tagtiv8 Word Inspire & Enthuse Children?

Think of our colourful tags as LEGO building blocks.

Teams create words that other teams have to:

  • incorporate into various text types
  • put into alphabetical order
  • spot the deliberate mistake
  • contract
  • use as a basis to generate rhyming words, antonyms, homonyms and homophones
  • sort into word classes and families

Children enjoy creating:

  • anagrams for others to solve
  • sentences that others have to punctuate correctly
  • characters and settings for narrative writing
  • topic words
  • root words for others to add prefixes and suffixes
  • words that can be used to make compound words

Whether it be ‘Elmer the Elephant’ or ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘The Gruffalo’ or ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, our letter tags help make learning irresistible.

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

We love to collaborate with innovative educators, many of whom are great friends. Step forward Philip Webb. Why? His expertise has helped us create something very special indeed – our active learning approach to explicit vocabulary instruction. As Philip says:

“What is the main barrier to comprehension and inference?”

The answer – a lack of understanding of vocabulary. To find out more, read this blog post from Parklands Primary School in Leeds.

What is Included in Tagtiv8 Word (Premium)?

  • 6 flexi-tubs – one for each team
  • 6 up-cycled units to store the tags and help the games flow
  • hundreds of colourful tags for consonants, vowels and di/trigraphs, prefixes and suffixes
  • 30 Black Velcro Belts
  • access to FREE starter activities (EYFS, KS1 – KS2)

How does Tagtiv8 Word link to other Subjects?

It’s not just about SPaG! By being creative, Tagtiv8 Word can easily be linked to other subjects too.

Think Tig/Tag/It or Tag Rugby meets:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Languages other than English

With little effort, you can WOW your children with active ways to incorporate vocabulary into their Knowledge Organisers!

Do you want to find out more about our cross-curricular approaches? Simply click here.

Made Locally – Thinking Globally

Our resources are made in the UK – in Yorkshire to be precise. We outsource to local people and organisations, thus reducing our carbon footprints. In terms of sustainability, we continue to seek eco-friendly materials – this is why our latest products utilise up-cycled plastic. Naturally, we are proud of our northern routes and partner with Northern Powerhouse.

Looking Ahead – What Next?

Simply, give us a call or order online.

Tagtiv8 Word (Premium) costs only £725 plus VAT. If you are a primary school in England, you can always fund the purchase with your Primary PE & Sport Premium.

If you are an infant school, call us for details about our ‘Letters & Sounds’ packs.

Once you are up and going, you may like to subscribe for Weekly Games, resources competitions and other offers.

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