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A Hundred Creative Connections

One week on from Helsinki Education Week and the HundrED Summit and Tagtiv8 are still buzzing! Why? It’s all about people – with connections between creative ideas and innovations. It’s sometimes hard to explain the HundrED ethos and community, but we think Derek Newton has summed it up brilliantly in this Forbes magazine article.

There were so many highlights:

Hundred Connects Tagtiv8 Swedish & FinnishHundred Connects Tagtiv8 Swedish & Finnish

We have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Sarah Bouchie from the Lego Foundation for nudging us towards their key messages of Learning Through Play:

  • Curiosity 
  • Engagement 
  • Collaboration 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Creativity

Hundred connects Tagtiv8 with Lego Foundation

Lego and Tagtiv8 – a Shared Ethos

Teachers have often likened Tagtiv8 to Lego as we provide play-based learning opportunities for children of all ages – even older children such as these. Our tags are like Lego pieces – the building blocks of learning.

Tagtiv8 have a shared ethos with Lego. It’s all about play and creativity.

All Tagtiv8 games are created by people in schools – teachers AND children! In fact, our BEST games are devised and developed by children. Why? Because children are naturally creative, curious and know no boundaries. Watching them create their own moves is something very special indeed!

 Tagtiv8 provide the school with resources and instructions to get them started – but then the imagination kicks in.

Tagtiv8 children create and develop their games – before sharing them with children in other parts of the world. “THEY’RE PLAYING OUR GAMES IN AUSTRALIA!” Imagine the pride in seeing your idea adding value to someone else’s day!

Tagtiv8 children create games with moves, rules, scoring systems and strategic tips to play well and win. They test out their ideas and refine them. They share these ideas and encourage others to twist, morph and blend their own ideas into the mix.

The outcomes are truly wonderful! As teachers, we love playing the games created by the children:

  • Can you Walk the Dog?
  • Tomato Ketchup & Mustard
  • The Great British Jump – or Hop – Off

And it gets better still, when the children lead Tagtiv8 sessions on their own – especially with older students helping younger children. This certainly echoes the Lego Foundation’s call to action, “Let’s Champion the Power of Play.”

Creativity is essential to Tagtiv8. Want to know more? Let’s connect…

Thank You to everyone at HundrED:

as well as Ilona Taimela and the rest of her team at Helsinki Education Week. Special thanks to Stell Simonton for her Youth Today article.