Active Learning: Devised & Made in Yorkshire

Putting Yorkshire on the Map for Education, Physical Activity, Health & Employment

New Maths Kit - Made in Yorkshire

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership which is supporting those with learning disabilities to secure employment and thousands of children to enjoy maths and a more active lifestyle.  E4 Printing, based in Bradford, Yorkshire and national charity Hft  have been awarded the contract by Tagtiv8 to produce our new Active Mathematics resources. These resources will be used by hundreds of thousands of children in schools across the UK and abroad.

Yorkshire Teamwork with Hft E4Yorkshire Teamwork with Hft E4

Why Yorkshire?

Most of the Tagtiv8 team’s teaching experience was based in Yorkshire; it is great that our new resources are ‘Made in Yorkshire’. We have always sought to put the region on the map for education, physical activity and health. Working with Hft means we can now offer opportunities for training and employment. Clients supported by the E4 charity are now producing our new Active Mathematics resources, boosting their self-esteem and gaining valuable work experience.

Bryn Llewellyn, Director of Tagtiv8:

“We are passionate about addressing the growing issue of sedentary lifestyles and children growing up disinterested in maths.  Our unique support and resources offer schools and children the chance to combine a solution to both these issues. Like E4 and Hft, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone, and we were delighted to be able to award our production contract to this amazing organisation. The kits that they are producing for us offers children and young people the chance to not only enjoy physical activity, but also experience the joy of maths in a unique way.”

Tom Armstrong, Business Manager at E4 Printing, part of Hft:

“We were delighted to partner with Tagtiv8 and work together to deliver the school based activity kits. Once the concept of active learning had been explained, it became clear this was a project which fitted with our social improvement programme by getting kids to advance their maths and exercise skills in one session. Working with Tagtiv8 offered real value to the excellent work E4 does. We believe that everyone who wants a job deserves to have one, and we support those with learning disabilities to be supported into employment and gain new skills and boost their self-esteem. We love to work with like-minded organisations that want to make a difference to others. It is wonderful to think that the kits made here are transforming outcomes in maths and physical outcomes for children across the UK and abroad.”