Dream BIG – TEDx Talk – Physically Active Learning

As you know, Tagtiv8 always welcome opportunities to share our research and ideas about Physically Active Learning (PAL) with others. So, when someone suggested we do a TEDx talk at #TEDxNorwichED, we decided to pitch our Dream BIG idea to the organisers and surprisingly, made the cut. After hours of scripting and redrafting, Andy Daly-Smith and I met to start rehearsals. Bearing in mind, I have always considered myself to be a ‘roadie’, as opposed to someone in the spotlight, this was a huge step away from my comfort zone – a real mix of emojis came to mind!

A Mazy Run – Working with School Leaders

The day before we were due to set off to TEDx, we got a call from Yorkshire Sport Foundation, asking us to ‘come off the bench’ and lead 2 workshops with 80 school leaders in York. So a mazy run led us north up the A1 rather than down the A1. That said, the detour gave us longer to rehearse.

We arrived at the venue for #TEDxNorwichED in the early evening so we could do a sound check and work out the logistics for the lighting for our props. Arriving the evening before meant we could meet the team behind the event, led by the wonderful Tim Handley and Sarah Brownsword. We also watched ‘unplugged versions’ by 2 fellow presenters, Action Jackson (video) and Elizabeth Wright (video).who blew us away completely with their humility, honesty and inspiration.

The BIG Day – TEDx

And so to the day itself…a chance to Dream BIG and share our TEDx talk with Andy Daly-Smith!


TEDx Children are Data

The organisation of such an event – 450 in the audience with 27,000 live streaming – was incredible. The preparation had been meticulous, albeit with a few minor hiccups that nobody in the audience noticed.

Every single presenter was awesome in their own individual way. There were laughs, wobbly chin moments, provocation and even a few balloons bursting! To each and every one of you, a huge THANK YOU!

The TEDx Talks – The TEDx Videos

Sadly, there isn’t enough room to mention everyone, but in addition to Jackson and Elizabeth, we’d like to BIG UP the following people:

Special mentions to 2 friends of ours, both of whom are also teachers:

  • Dominic Traynor from a Tale Unfolds, whose performance was epic. We loved the way Dom helps schools move learners from pupil voice to pupil action (video).
  • Stephen Lockyer – a man whose performance was ‘shambolically beautiful’ or ‘beautifully shambolic’. Either way, the message of innovation across the curriculum was inspirational (video).

Graphic c/o Rebecca Osborne

Call to Action

We encourage you to view all the videos in your own time. Find out which ones truly inspire YOU and then ask yourselves what you can do to put the words and thoughts into action.

We also hope that this time next year some of you might be signposting us to your own TEDx Talk video.

In the words of Action Jackson:

Dream Big

Right Now

Never Give Up

You’re Amazing

Huge thanks to the following: