Tagtiv8 School of The Month

Queensway Primary School – December School of The Month

We know we’re a little early with December’s School of the Month. However, we really wanted to show our appreciation to one school in particular before we all break up for the Christmas holidays!

This school are the ultimate pioneers of active learning and we couldn’t be prouder to signpost others to just some of their many achievements.

Queensway Primary School – you’re our School of The Month! In fact, you are our ‘School of the Year’.

Queensway Primary School lies between Yeadon and Guiseley, in Leeds. The leadership team and staff, as well as the children, have truly pioneered active learning approaches and have succeeded in embedding Tagtiv8 resources into their everyday lessons.

Watch this video to see how Queensway PS have welcomed Tagtiv8 into their school – both indoors and outdoors – as part of their active learning journey:

Queensway Primary School are Tagtiv8’s School of The Month because they have been so passionate about Tagtiv8 and active learning since Day 1. You can see that this fantastic school has taken the ethos of active learning and run with it.


These snapshots from Twitter show that Queensway Primary School love nothing more than getting out of the ‘traditional’ classroom setting and learning in a more practical and active way.

Not only have they given Tagtiv8 fantastic support over the years but they have integrated active learning into so many other aspects of the curriculum. Queensway Primary School’s dedication to moving and learning is truly admirable. For example, this summer, Alun Davies, their incredible Head Teacher got involved in getting active and completed an impressive 128m tandem bike ride!


Queensway Primary School - December School of The Month


Thank you to Queensway Primary School for all your support, dedication and influence. You really do deserve to be ‘School of The Month/Year’. We are incredibly lucky to work/play with you.

Watch this video – created with Catapult Films – to find out more about this amazing school…