Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season

Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season

There is nothing more important to us here at Tagtiv8 than staying active and although Christmas is generally a time to chill, it’s important to keep active too.

Now, we’re not going to lecture you about keeping the pounds off over the festive season and denying yourself a mince pie or two  – that would just be hypocritical because, after all, ‘tis the season to enjoy yourself.

However, with the children off school, it’s the perfect time to get active in season appropriate ways. Here are Tagtiv8’s ‘Top Tips’ for the festive season:

Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season

1.Grab your Coat

Grab your coat, grab the children, grab suitable footwear and get outside! Yes, it may be colder, but this season really does bring out the beauty in nature. You can teach your children about what’s around them. You never know, you might find places around where you live that you never knew about.

Grab your Coat - Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season


2. Advent Treasure Hunt

Instead of a ‘conventional’ advent calendar (or as well as) hide a treat or new small toy around the house each day. Nothing too crazy, but it gets them active by looking around the house.

3. Get Tidying

With visitors coming from far and wide to spread Christmas cheer, this may be on your to-do list already. However, by moving around the house with the hoover, you’re burning energy. So stick your favourite music on, get the whole family involved and get moving around the house, just in time for Aunty Mabel’s arrival. She will probably mention the rug that she doesn’t like and ask for the 14th time why you don’t have a bigger living room.

4. Walk That Little Extra

If you’re planning on shopping over the holiday period, park your car just that little bit further from the entrance – you get to walk a few steps further and it will probably be less of a hassle in holiday traffic.

5. Do your Homework

We have a few free resources to keep your children’s mind active over the Christmas period – check them out here. Although they are designed to be played in a classroom, they can be easily transferred into a home environment.Do your Homework -Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season

6. Explore Your Area

Christmas holidays are literally the best time of year to find things to do around your area – with everything from markets to clubs. A quick google search will be your best bet. However, if you’re stuck on ideas, TripAdvisor is a good place to start.

Explore your Area - Do your Homework -Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season

7. Get Playing

Games nights are always good fun and a great way to bring the family together. Choose games that involve some sort of movement such as Twister. However, if space is limited, board games keep children’s minds active too. In the day, active games can be played outside or on a park. We found a great list of them here.

8. Cook Together

Although this isn’t an active tip, it’s a great opportunity to be experimental in the kitchen with healthy dishes. Try that courgette spaghetti recipe you’ve had on your Pinterest board for 4 months and drag the family into the kitchen to learn how to make it too. Eat well and healthy when you can and be sensible when you can’t.

9. Have a Party

Dust off your dancing shoes and have a party. Little or small, planned or spontaneous, put on your party playlist and get moving. Dancing is not only a great way to keep active, it’s good for the soul. Dancing stimulates the brain’s reward centre and releases endorphins. What’s not to love? ‘Tis the party season after all.

Have A Party - Explore your Area - Do your Homework -Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season

10. Get Virtual

Get an active game for whatever game console you have available. Most have the ability now to allow users to be active so there really isn’t any excuse to be sat down on a controller, at least most of the time. Pick teams and get competing.

11. Create and Explore

Get creative and get messy. Grab the paints, pipe-cleaners and sticks and leaves from the garden and create masterpieces. Searching for materials can be fun and then you have something to put on your fridge and cherish for years to come.  

12. Enjoy Yourself

Tagtiv8’s most important tip is to enjoy yourself. Although the temptation over the Christmas period is to sit on the sofa and not move all holiday, try to resist. Make memories, get active and learn with your children over the festive season. It will feel like the best break ever if you don’t waste it. Being active also helps to fight off the dreaded lurgy that everyone seems to come down with at this time of year so bear this in mind too.

We want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, no matter how you spend it.

If you have any other tips to add it would be great to hear them too!

Merry Christmas all!

*Side note: Yes there are 12 tips on purpose – ‘tis the most festive number*  

Have A Party - Explore your Area - Do your Homework -Tagtiv8’s Top Tips For The Festive Season