A Postcard from Greece

A few weeks ago, we created a blog post thanking various people who have helped Tagtiv8 create new games. Their ideas – some of them bizarre but wonderful – have since been shared with various active learning communities.

This summer, one of these games was played…in Greece! In Athens to be precise – home of the modern Olympic Games.

The game, originally devised in Leeds by Hannah from Cookridge Hall Health and Fitness, reached the site of the first modern Olympics.

You can watch the video here…


We are sure you are aware that Tagtiv8 are advocates of global learning and love to spread the active learning message around the world. As you can imagine, we really got a buzz by the fact that Hannah’s idea for a game was being played in such a historic location..

Learning outdoors is essential – with benefits on so many levels. Taking children outdoors helps them enjoy learning and retain information more readily This is why we are running our Facebook competition based around Outdoor Classroom Day.  We love the idea of outdoor learning and support the movement whole-heartedly.

We can’t wait to see where we go next and help to share the amazing benefits of active learning.

More videos to come from our trip to Athens later – watch this space!