A Postcard from Greece

In a previous blog post we thanked various people who have helped Tagtiv8 create new Physically Active Learning (PAL) games. Their ideas – some of them bizarre but wonderful – have been shared with various schools and PAL communities. Here are 2 further games we took to Athens, Greece – home of the first modern Olympics.

This game, ‘Lose & Use Your Letters’ – devised by Hannah in Leeds – can easily be played with Scrabble tiles.

Alternatively, you could use playing cards – say Hearts (Ace to 10) against Clubs (Ace to 10). At the end of the Physical Challenge, you could:

  • order the numbers at each cone
  • sort the numbers at each cone
  • calculate the total red/black numbers next to each cone
  • calculate the differences between the red and black totals at each cone

Here’s our second video from Greece – created by Tom Konsek and Online KTV…

GLocal Ideas

Tagtiv8 are advocates of global learning and love to spread the PAL message around the world. As you can imagine, we were buzzing like Chris Dyson‘s proverbial fridge when these games were played in Greece.

Learning outdoors is essential – with benefits on so many levels. Taking children outdoors helps them enjoy learning and retain information more readily. We love the idea of outdoor learning and support the movement whole-heartedly.

We can’t wait to see where we go next and help to share the amazing benefits of active learning.

If you have any examples of Moving & Learning while on holiday, we would love to hear from you. Share your ideas – using #moveandlearn.