Tedious Lessons Made Fun – Thanks to You!

What if there was an easy way to make your most boring, tedious, sit-down lessons engaging and fun for your pupils?

You could even take it further and share your ideas with other teachers and schools all over the world so that children everywhere can benefit and learn in a fun, active and relevant way! If only there was a way to do both…

Well, there is.

Some of our best ideas for active learning games come from teachers and children in schools around the UK! We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people to create some fantastic, fun and active games.

This Tagtiv8 blog post is a big THANK YOU for your ideas and to let you know your games are now being played across the world.

What you had to say:

Sharing Games & Ideas Around the World

Your Ideas, Your Games:

Co-creators Games
Chris Lincoln, Evolve SI Moving Targets
Brian Padden, Evolve SI and Nessfield Primary School, Keighley.and Burley Oaks Primary School Bang the Drum

Shapes on the Ground

Night Zookeeper Move Like
Deborah Howlett, HLTA, Rawdon St Peter’s CE Primary School, Leeds. Stepping Stones

Starter for 10

Dot Dot Dot

Multiple Ladders

Queensway Primary School, Yeadon Rounding Up or Down
Langham Village Primary School, Norfolk Xs and 0s
Westerton Primary Academy, Leeds Xs and 0s – Extreme
Konstantinos, Orchard Primary School, Nottinghamshire Connect 4

Multiplication Triangles

Hannah Amos, Cookridge Hall Health Club Lose and Use Your Numbers
OnlineKTV, East Midlands Cone Commands
Chris Lincoln, Evolve SI Pokemon Go
Thorpe Primary School, Bradford  and Lordship Lane Primary School, Haringey Tomato Ketchup & Mustard
Debbie Morgan, Director for Primary – NCETM True or False
Graham Morgan, Chairman – Evolve Grab ‘Em While you Can
Cat Southern, Redbridge Primary School More Than Less Than
Kat Watkin, EvolveSI and

St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School

and Benson Community School

A Sort of Fizz Buzz

Follow the Leader

Konstantinos, Year 3, Orchard Primary School, Nottinghamshire and Wolviston Primary School. Konstantionos’ Constellations
Catherine Odor, Greengates Primary School, Bradford We’re Going on a Number Hunt
Mark McCourt, La Salle Maths What’s Going On?
Ellie McDonnell, Holbeach Primary School & Chris Lincoln, Evolve Health Mentor Lincs Roman Numerals? Really?

Why Tagtiv8 Love Collaborating

The idea of sharing knowledge and helping children improve their learning is extremely important to us. Those who know our background will know that we view lessons differently and engaging children through play is essential. That’s why we are so grateful to the people above because their ideas are helping to change the way children learn. To see more about why we collaborate with others click here.

Read about one of our collaborations in this blog post. Working and playing with pioneering teachers and children such as those at Langham Village Primary School, Brudenell Primary School and Westerton Primary Academy fills us with smiles and inspiration.

Challenge Us!

If you have any boring sitting-down lessons that need activating, send them our way. We’d love to try making them more active, relevant and fun! Get in touch. We’d love to play and learn with you!