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We are always looking at ways to collaborate and learn more from people doing research into Active Learning. Last month, we were fortunate to catch up with Andy Smith, Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University. What followed was one pearl of wisdom after another…as well as a link to the original research article, ‘Jump In!’ which begins:

“Physical activity (PA) benefits children’s physical and mental health and enhances academic performance. However, in many nations, PA time in school is decreasing under competing pressures for time during the school day. The present paper argues that PA should not be reduced or seen as incompatible with academic learning. Instead, the authors contend that it is critical to develop tools that incorporate PA into content learning during the school day.”

To read the full article, click here.

Last month, we also came across the news features and videos relating to action based classrooms:

We recommend that you follow the links and drop us a line with your observations and comments based on your experiences in your part of the world.

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