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To those of you who know us, you will know that we love to play. Some have called us ‘Peter Pans’ but we don’t care…we love playing and learning…especially when we get to play with others, who just so happen to be our friends.

The friends in this case are Night Zookeeper, fresh from their BAFTA nomination and a tour of schools across North America.

Following an initial conversation with Night Zookeeper at the wonderful Northwold Primary School, the germ of an idea emerged. Could we use the new Tagtiv8 Word Active Learning Games to randomly generate new magical animals for the Night Zoo? Following a trial at a top secret school in Yorkshire, the answer, it seems is YES! Not only that, but by linking the words with art and drama activities, the children are fired with enthusiasm and ideas to create quality pieces of writing for the Night Zookeeper platform.

Some of the ideas for the pilot project can be viewed on Google Drive here. Since then, further ideas continue to flow. Watch this space…

We would love your feedback on the initial ideas and activities.

If you wish to ask us any questions, fire away…

Huge thanks to:

and Night Zookeeper for creative ideas & more…