Premium Tagtiv8 Number Kit


The Tagtiv8 Number Premium kit.


Premium Tagtiv8 Number kit reflects the content of the National Curriculum PoS for Mathematics 2014.

Tagtiv8 Number Active Learning games actively develop confidence in Mathematics, focusing on:

  1. fluency;
  2. reasoning;
  3. problem solving.
  • Six matching colourful tidy trays to stack and store the Tags. These innovative units help store the Tagtiv8 equipment as well as facilitate easy organisation for the games themselves.
  • 70 Red Tags: Even Numbers (0,2,4,6…100 and 0,2,4,6…20)
  • 62 Yellow Tags: Odd Numbers (1,3,5…99 and 1,3,5…19)
  • 216 Blue Tags: Operation symbols to create number sentences: + – x / = ( )  < >
  • 30 Black Velcro Belts
  • Access to FREE regularly updated Session Plans and Activity Cards


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