Into the Valleys: Rugby, Music and Well-Being

We were really pleased to be invited to the Rhondda Cynon Taf Head Teachers Conference in Cardiff earlier this month to present our ideas and games.


Our debut in the Valleys may have involved an 11 hour round trip, but it was still most worthwhile. The event was kicked off by Phil Steele, a true raconteur, who entertained the delegtes with a wealth of humorous and poignant tales from the worlds of rugby and education.


We couldn’t help but smile and agree with one of Phil’s key phrases:

 “If there’s no laughter or fun, there’s no future.”

This sentiment fitted in well with our own ethos and that of the conference, which aimed to help Head Teachers develop a greater understanding of their own emotional well-being. Too often, many Head Teachers consider the emotional well-being of their staff and their learners, yet forget to consider their own needs. This was illustrated by Graham Morgan, from Evolve, who recommended that Head Teachers heed the ‘air mask demonstration’ that passengers receive prior to take-off.












The conference also featured an emotional musical interlude provided by a Choir made up by local school children.  This was followed by a moving performance of the Katrina and the Waves classic, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by the newly-formed RCT Head Teachers Choir, arranged by the irrepressible Sing and Inspire, in only 45 minutes!


To see and hear more, click here and here.


Having seen and heard the process and results achieved by Sing and Inspire, we learned that there are other ways to promote Active Learning.


We are always fascinated to listen to others talk about their own experiences of combining different areas of the curriculum, especially those that have an impact on physical and emotional well-being. If you were at the RCT Head Teachers Conference and want to talk more, we look forward to hearing from you.


So thanks for the invitation. We look forward to returning to the Valleys sometime soon.


P.S. On returning north, we met up with Carol Barwick to catch up and find out more about her recent work, coincidentally linking singing and well-being; it’s a small world indeed. For further details about the good things happening with RaiseChildrens click here.


Image Source: Andrea Lyip Thank you ;0)