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Sports Relief 2018 – We’re Moved By What Moves You!

Whether you’re popping down to your local supermarket or tuning into your favourite radio station, you can’t avoid the event on everybody’s radar. We’re talking about Sports Relief of course.

Speaking of radio – as you probably know, we spend a lot of time on the road, travelling from one school to another. Much of our drive time is spent listening to Radio 1, especially Greg James. How inspired were you by his recent challenge? We were genuinely WOWED by his achievements as part of #Gregathlon for Sports Relief this year.

BBC Radio 1 Tweet

Sports Relief is an awesome campaign to get people active. We absolutely love the inspirational message for 2018:


This message works on so many different levels for so many different people.Tagtiv8 Sports Relief What Moves You

That’s the great thing about Sports Relief. It’s inclusive of so many people. You can get involved in literally countless ways, whether through donating or fundraising yourselves.

The Sports Relief website is full of fascinating ideas and inspirational stories to truly get you motivated. You can take part in Sports Relief wherever and however is most comfortable to you. At work, at the gym, in your school…

We love the activity pack for primary schools. It gives you so many ideas to get fundraising in your school and great tips on how to incorporate active learning into the school day. For example, your school could take part in the Daily Challenge set by Tom Daley. Tagtiv8 Sports Relief Tom Daley

Alternatively, you could take part in The Daily Mile challenge – a movement (pardon the pun) that encourages schools to allow their pupils to run/jog at their own pace for 15 minutes a day.

No matter what age you are or who you are there is something for everyone on the website. You just have to find “Whatever Moves You” and see if you can raise some money for a great cause.

Super Movers

Sports Relief fits in well with Super Movers – set up by the Premier League and the BBC. Super Movers encourages school children to get active while they learn (something we may know a little something about). You can read more about our involvement with Super Movers here.

We would love to hear from you about what you’re personally doing for Sports Relief 2018 or what your school is doing. Everyone should be proud about taking part in this fantastic event, from donating to fundraising. Let’s all spread the message, get involved and find whatever moves you and do it for Sports Relief.

The only time we’ll be sitting is when we’re watching the live show on Friday 23rd of March on BBC1. Everyone needs ‘down time’ and if you’ve made the most of Sports Relief week, you’re going to need some time to cool down!

Share with us on twitter and facebook how you’re taking part – we would love to see your inspiring activities.