Active Learning with Tagtiv8

Active Learning with Tagtiv8

Who are Tagtiv8?

Tagtiv8 pioneer Active Learning with their ‘move & learn’ resources and training.

With a background rooted in teaching and school leadership, we can empathise with teachers and children alike.

We want high academic standards, but not at the expense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Tagtiv8 is neither Sport or PE – it is a platform to activate any scheme of work for Mathematics, English or other subjects.

Tagtiv8 is all about moving and learning in all subjects – crucial in these days of increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Why Tagtiv8 & Why Now?

Active Learning with Tagtiv8 works as well as plays!

Don’t just take our word for it – check out these thoughts and words…

The smiles and anecdotes are wonderful, whether they be from children, teachers or school leaders:

  • “I used to think I was rubbish at Maths, but now I know I’m not.”
  • “With Tagtiv8, you never get a chance to get bored or zone out.”
  • “Tagtiv8 engages all learners – even the most reluctant.”

When you back up the testimonials with research, you have a powerful evidence base.

The original research by Dr Andy Daly-Smith is compelling – so much so that NESTA awarded Tagtiv8 Maths a 5 Star rating.

Tagtiv8 Active Learning Resources

Our colourful tags are like LEGO™ blocks.

Teachers use our resources in EYFS, KS1, KS2 and beyond – for whole class lessons or intervention groups. 

We have thousands of colourful Tagtiv8 tags looking for good homes:

  • odd & even numbers
  • mathematical operations
  • consonants & vowels
  • digraphs & trigraphs, prefixes & suffixes

Wander round our Online Store to see what’s on offer.

Online Planning & App

All our games and activities come with user-friendly, easy to follow, session plans.

You can access these via our online portal and app.

We keep it simple – each session incorporates a Physical and a Thinking Challenge – sometimes the two challenges are blended.

By making the learning active, you’ll soon be like this teacher from Tyneside: “I never knew HE could do THAT!”

Tagtiv8 Saves Teachers Time. No more need to:

  • download & print
  • photocopy, cut, stick & laminate

Sign up for our Newsletter and we will send you some sample plans – simply specify the age range and subject.

Active Learning – Mathematics

Tagtiv8 Number is not a scheme of work! Our tags and games are so versatile, you can activate any Maths objective, whether it is related to:

  • composition of numbers
  • ordering, reading and counting
  • number bonds
  • times tables
  • prime numbers and square numbers
  • fractions, decimals and percentages
  • algebra
  • geometry

Active Learning – English

Our letter tags were originally devised to help children with phonics and spelling.

Working with teachers it soon became clear that our letter tags were far more than an active version of Scrabble™.

What’s the biggest barrier to comprehension and inference? That’s right – vocabulary! This is where Tagtiv8 Word really kicks in.

Tagtiv8 Word helps:

  • children understand SPaG
  • activate the words and worlds of literature

Whether it’s ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Elmer the Elephant’, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ or ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, Tagtiv8 brings to life the characters, the settings and more.

Active Learning – Other Subjects & Languages

Is physically active learning in science, history, geography and languages possible?

Of course – our versatile tags help make learning stick in different subjects:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • RE & PSCHE

Who knew Knowledge Organisers could be so active!

It’s not just English – Tagtiv8 can also be used to develop vocabulary in other languages:

  • French, German & Spanish
  • Welsh
  • Finnish & Swedish

Check out the versatility of our letter tags, listen to Chris Dyson, Headteacher at Parklands Primary School in Leeds…

Training & CPD

Our mission – to empower teachers to take learning beyond the classroom walls.

Mathematics, English and other subjects can be taught in the hall, on the playground or the field – as well as in the classroom. Tagtiv8 allows you to introduce knowledge or a skill or a concept in one environment and then embed it in another.

We understand that this may be challenging for some teachers. That’s why Tagtiv8 offer a range of opportunities to:

  • introduce the approaches
  • embed the programmes

Training and CPD is bespoke to your needs. We can work with:

  • Whole School
  • Key personnel to drive Tagtiv8 throughout school

This can easily be done:

  • On-site
  • Remotely via online platforms
  • Through weekly Micro-Mentoring sessions

We work closely with Move & Learn – utilising their COM:B model to make a lasting change.

There are endless opportunities to help your school on their ‘move & learn’ journey…

Do you want to know more? Take time to read this case study with Parklands Primary School in Leeds.


Our resources are manufactured in the UK, using up-cycled plastic materials.

Tagtiv8 saves the planet, as well as saving teachers time!

By purchasing our resources, you will be supporting local businesses across the north of England.

Playful Partnerships

Tagtiv8 collaborate with fellow international education innovators on bespoke Active Learning events:

Tagtiv8’s pioneering approaches to active learning have been recognised nationally – we act as consultants for:

  • BBC – Live Lessons, Supermovers & Bitesize
  • Premier League

We support football clubs and their foundation trusts and communities meet their KPIs.

Working & Playing with You

Tagtiv8 are based in Yorkshire, but love to support schools across the UK and beyond.

If you like what you see and want to find out more about our resources or training, just jump onto our contact page.

You can:

  • Call us: +44 20 3370 4272 or +44 7506 523354
  • Email us: