Sustainability: New Designs Using Up-Cycled Materials

How excited are Team Tagtiv8? We are beyond giddy! Our ‘Move & Learn Maths’ resources have been so successful, they sold out last term. Cue much deliberation as to the new look, content and sustainability.

Why did we decide to change the original design? We listened to teachers and more importantly, the children. We also took advice from those wonderful people at TT Rock Stars and Big Maths! What are the changes? More tags and more possibilities – including numbers that make it possible to learn all your times tables up to 12 x 12 and beyond. There’s also scope to push into square numbers, cubed numbers and algebra! The new resources allow opportunities to work – and play – with 5/6/7/8 digit numbers. In fact, there are infinite ways to incorporate our Maths resources with your curriculum.

Eco-Friendly Aims

Tagtiv8 founder, Bryn Llewellyn became a teacher for ideological reasons. With a degree in Environmental Studies, he wanted to develop Environmental Education – learning:

  • about the environment
  • through the environment
  • for the environment

How do we – as an organisation – shift thinking about environmental issues? At a global level, we are part of the wonderful HundrED community. Many of these education innovations are looking to future-proof the planet. Want to know more about who is doing what, where and how, click here.

Tagtiv8 forge partnerships with like-minded people with shared core values – especially those who look towards sustainable solutions. It would be cheaper to import our materials from abroad but we continue to consider our carbon footprints. Step forward northern organisations who have helped us create our new resources.

EST Display

“Working with Tagtiv8 creates a local manufacturing hub here in West Yorkshire – serving education platforms in & beyond the UK. EST Display – alongside 12 in 12 – are keen promoters of physical activity. It is wonderful to see the benefit of learning combined with movement. We are proud to be contributing to the health, wellbeing & education of our future generations through this innovative concept.”


What More UK

Our new tubs and tag pods may not be as colourful as the ones used previously. They are also slightly more expensive, but we are prepared to take the hit. Why? They are made from up-cycled plastic. What does that mean? Click here, where you will also find out more about What More’s zero landfill policy. You can also find out about how they use recycled banknotes!

As to how we bring colour to our containers – crucial for Tagtiv8’s team games – drum roll please – welcome… 

Discount Sticker Printing

Any company that starts a conversation with, “We’d love to work with you and help out in our own little way” has to be pretty cool. Discount Sticker Printing (DSP) try to be as eco-friendly as possible and take a number of steps throughout their production processes to minimise our environmental impact. DSP are happy to help out with printing support where they can – always welcome in times of limited school budgets.

DSP provides custom printed stickers and labels to companies and individuals throughout the UK. Their huge range of customisation options allow stickers to be produced according to every customer’s exact needs. DSP uses state-of-the-art digital printers and laser cutting technologies to ensure sticker artwork looks crisp and rich in colour. As well as competitively priced labels, Discount Sticker Printing also offer a free design package and excellent customer service, aiming to make their ordering process as straightforward as possible. Free UK delivery also comes as standard. Whatever your sticker or labels printing needs, Discount Sticker Printing will be able to help!

Wham DSP

Velcro and MPD

As to holding things together, we have MPD and Velcro! Without their hook and loop system, our games simply wouldn’t work. Not only is the system incredibly versatile, but their commitment to sustainability is an investment in our collective future. It means meeting our present needs while preserving the planet for those who come after us. 

Looking Ahead

So what now? The new resources are ready to roll. If you want to see how:

  • pioneering schools work and play with Tagtiv8, click here
  • research demonstrates impact, click here
  • we are helping schools teach in bubbles, click here

To find out more about how we can work and play together, give us a call – 020 3370 4272 – or send us an email at