Premium Tagtiv8 Word – Active Resources for English (National Curriculum)


Premium Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum)


What is Premium Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum)?

Our Premium Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum) resources provide opportunities for the active generation of words. These can then be used as the basis or stimulus for writing in a range of situations and different text types.

Learners use Premium Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum) to develop an understanding of phonics, spelling and more. Session plans and activity cards for our ever growing bank of games are included free of charge.

How does Tagtiv8 Word Inspire & Enthuse children?

Teams create words that other teams have to:

  • incorporate into various text types
  • put into alphabetical order
  • spot the deliberate mistake
  • contract
  • use as a basis to generate rhyming words, antonyms, homonyms and homophones
  • sort into word classes and families

Children enjoy creating:

  • anagrams for others to solve
  • sentences that others have to punctuate correctly
  • characters and settings for narrative writing
  • topic words
  • root words for others to add prefixes and suffixes
  • words that can be used to make compound word
Physical Challenges

Physical Challenges

Active Spelling with Premium Tagtiv8 Word

Active Spelling with Premium Tagtiv8 Word

Active Generation of Words

Active Generation of Words

The activities for Premium Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum) are based on the National Curriculum KS1 and KS2 Programmes of Study for English (2014)

Active Phonics and Spelling with Tagtiv8 Word Premium

Active Phonics and Spelling with Tagtiv8 Word Premium

What is Included in Premium Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum)?

  • Six matching colourful tidy trays to stack and store the Tags. These innovative units help store the Tagtiv8 equipment as well as facilitate easy organisation for the games themselves.
  • 80 yellow Tags covering all the vowels;
  • 130 red Tags covering all the consonants;
  • 155 blue Tags covering the phonics and spelling requirements in Letters and Sounds;
  • 30 belts;
  • Free Session Plans and Activity Cards.

How can we use Tagtiv8 Word?


Who is Recommending Tagtiv8 Word?

“Tagtiv8 is an amazing resource and should be in every school.”

Alison Kriel, Headteacher, Northwold Primary School, Hackney, London

“We don’t do enough for our children’s hearts.”

Teacher on an Active SPaG course, Bradford

How much does Tagtiv8 Premium Word (National Curriculum) cost?

Our Tagtiv8 Premium Word kit costs £595 plus VAT. Savings can be made if you book an Activity Day & CPD with us – just give us a shout to find out more.