CPD Session for Staff

Activity Day for Learners and Staff CPD

£525.00 £495.00

Bespoke activity sessions for Learners followed by Staff CPD session.


An Activity Day with us is an ideal way to see how our ideas and active learning games can benefit the learners and staff at your school.

Our Activity Days are flexible so that they can fit around your school day and the needs of your learners. You can choose to focus on English or Mathematics…or maybe you would like to see both areas of the curriculum delivered in a fun and active way.

Our team will work with you during the lead up, helping to select the groups and activities based on your needs and objectives. Sessions are prepared and delivered by qualified Tagtiv8 teachers and coaches, based on the needs of your staff and learners.

What does the Activity Day include?

  • An assembly to launch the day or a celebration at the ned of the day.
  • Up to 4 sessions in the morning and 3 sessions in the afternoon with selected classes or groups.
  • Equipment and resources will be supplied.
  • In-built CPD for teaching and support staff during the sessions.
  • Staff CPD after school to embed our ideas and games, while developing staff creativity.

Why have an Activity Day?

You can see:

  • our ideas and active learning games in action at your school.
  • how they impact upon your learners and staff.
  • how our ideas and activities fit into your own school improvement plan and your environment/facilities.

What are forward-thinking school leaders saying?

Thanks for a fun session, as well as being so supportive of me and the school.

Alison Kriel, Head Teacher Northwold Primary School, Hackney


I’m going to try this with my class tomorrow! My boys are going to love this!

Year 2 Teacher, Rawdon St Peter’s Primary School, Leeds


The kids and staff were glowing about Tagtiv8; what a fantastic idea! They all enjoyed it. Staff commented about how it inspired meaningful discussion – that’s what we need.

Head Teacher, Bede Community Primary School, Gateshead


Tagtiv8 games are a great resource for staff CPD in Physical Education.

John Bishop, Director Evolve SI

Our Activity Days and CPD packages are proving very popular and the results are tangible. At a recent conference for teachers with LEAP, our workshops were graded:

  • Excellent – 45%
  • Very Good – 55%

Where can I see what other schools are saying?

Some schools and learners have decided to share their experiences online. For an example, please click here.


How does an Activity Day promote Pupil Voice?

  • Gain instant feedback from the learners and ask them how to spend your PE and Sport Premium.

How much will it cost?

For the Autumn Term 2015, we are able to offer you a bespoke Tagtiv8 Activity Day with your Learners, followed by a Staff Training session for only £475, saving you £50.

If you require any further information or wish to check availability please do not hesitate to contact us.