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Water Primary School – October’s School of The Month

Well, the first half term of 2017/18 has been eventful for us. We can’t believe just how fast September and October have passed.

The Tagtiv8 Team have visited some wonderful places during October and have met some amazing people. We have shared some fantastic Activity Days with some awesome schools and heard innovative ways of how schools are using our resources. However, one school in particular really stood out for going the extra mile and more!

Tagtiv8’s School of The Month is…cue drum roll…Water Primary School. This award isn’t just because we feature on their Twitter banner, though we are blushing. 

Water Primary School Badge












Last month, Tagtiv8 visited Water Primary School in Rossendale to show them how Tagtiv8 works and plays!

To find out more about our day, check out Water Primary School’s gallery.

Water Primary School Session









Since that day, they have clearly been using the resources with energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

They sent us an amazing video of Water Primary School children using Tagtiv8 resources in their lesson via twitter.

It was raining outside, the PE hall was busy but they still found a way to sit less and move more, which we find awesome!

And if this video wasn’t impressive enough, they have also tweeted LOADS of cool things they have been up to like their pumpkin carving and their whole school dance to Thriller!

But we didn’t just need their tweets to confirm that they were an innovative school.

When we visited, we bumped into some familiar friends from TT Rock Stars and Class Dojo.

Water Primary School Class Dojo









And we absolutely loved their involvement with Pobble. How cool is this display to share and encourage children to write?

Water Primary School Pobble








Water Primary School are clearly giving the children the best start to life by allowing them to explore learning in a multitude of ways. They are clearly dedicated to the children that attend and make sure they are learning in interesting ways.

By varying the way in which children learn, it is more likely that the children will retain the information and it prevents a major scare for teachers – boredom.

Tagtiv8 would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Water Primary School for inviting us to visit, using the Tagtiv8 resources in amazing ways and for being an inspirational primary school.

We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Tagtiv8 School of The Month