Training, CPD & Support – Helping Teachers Shine

We love working with schools – playing games, sharing ideas and research into the benefits of active learning. Our Training, CPD and Support packages are proving very popular with schools across the UK and abroad. The results are tangible – a great use of the PE and Sport Premium Funding for Primary Schools.

Many forward-thinking school leaders are realising that our CPD sessions are great ways to implement the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer and the Childhood Obesity Plan of Action.

Training - Childhood Obesity Plan of Action

According to the official website of the Olympic Movement: “Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information.”

However, in many schools, PE loses out in the drive to improve standards in English and Mathematics. In our CPD sessions, ‘Making Core Subjects Active, Relevant and Fun’ we will look at innovative opportunities to combine Mathematics and/or English with PE.

Training - MVPA Findings

Training – #SitLessMoveMore

What is the Impact of our Staff Training and CPD?

By the end of the session, all participants will:

  • understand how we can offer an active approach to Mathematics and English that is fun, engaging and enthuses children
  • be able to create active sessions that develop core skills with our Learners;
  • know new ways to reach the 30 minutes in school Obesity Plan activity target;
  • be smiling.

Sessions are prepared and delivered by qualified Tagtiv8 teachers, based on the needs of your staff and learners.

Training - Pioneering CPD in Hackney, London

Training in Leeds - Active English

Half Day Training Keighley CPS

Half Day Training Keighley CPS

Training & CPD Leyton Orient Trust

What are people saying?

“He’s really excited me with the sport and learning aspect. Thought his enthusiasm was infectious.”

Joanne Green, Deputy Head Teacher, St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Nottingham

“Thank you for a brilliant day last week. Staff have been buzzing and the kit has been used almost daily by different staff (a fab result).”

Stephany Bundyford, Head of Maths, Avon Park School, Rugby

“I can totally believe the research. We’ve made a real shift towards active learning since your presentation at our teach meet and it’s definitely making a difference – for the teachers as well!”

Jenna Lucas, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, Bournemouth

“Thanks for a fun session, as well as being so supportive of me and the school.”

Alison Kriel, Head Teacher Northwold Primary School, Hackney

“I’m going to try this with my class tomorrow! My boys are going to love this!”

Year 2 Teacher, Rawdon St Peter’s Primary School, Leeds

“The kids and staff were glowing about Tagtiv8; what a fantastic idea! They all enjoyed it. Staff commented about how it inspired meaningful discussion – that’s what we need.’

Head Teacher, Bede Community Primary School, Gateshead

“Tagtiv8 games are a great resource for staff CPD in Physical Education.”

John Bishop, Director Evolve SI

What Can We Offer for Staff Training and CPD?

In addition to After School CPD Sessions, we run bespoke Half Day and Full Day Sessions to fit in with your School Improvement Plan. We love working with clusters of schools and trusts so that schools can collaborate on their active learning journeys.

We also offer longer term solutions – working with key staff over the course of a year or longer so that ‘Move & Learn’ approaches continue to grow within the school community.

We are part of Move & Learn, a movement of teachers and school leaders, who support schools with research and ideas.

Our team are happy to share ideas via Teach Meets as well as present at conferences and other events.

Please contact us for details.