Tagtiv8 Get Inspired By Teach First

This week, Tagtiv8 attended ‘The 2017 Impact Conference’ – organised and hosted by Teach First at the SSE Arena, venue of many iconic concerts over the years.

Over 4,000 people came together for the chance to debate, connect, hear from expert practitioners and most importantly, to pledge how they will tackle educational inequality in our everyday lives. Teach First’s campaign to get people to pledge to “Challenge The Impossible” is a view Tagtiv8 supports wholeheartedly.

The huge arena, filled with advocates for young people to fulfil their dreams, echoed the Teach First campaign to remove barriers so that children can reach their full potential.

The range and influence of speakers was really impressive – from Jon Snow to Brett Wigdortz‏, from Tim Harford  to Muzoon Al-Mellehan, all of whom really had the audience thinking and engaging. There really was a sense of provocation and inspiration in equal measures. It was incredible to see so many people in one place, dedicated to breaking social constructs, sharing their experiences and coming together to build a better future.

If the event wasn’t emotional enough, Merrill Academy Melody Makers raised the emotional barometer further by performing a beautiful set and bringing the whole of SSE Arena to their feet. Moving is the only way to describe it and it was overwhelming to see how much the performance affected the whole room.

As the event progressed, Tagtiv8’s twitter feed was buzzing – with soundbites from the presenters and thoughts from the delegates connecting with each other and speakers alike. The sense of community and consensus was impressive to those attending and those following #TFChallange from afar.

Tagtiv8 responded to the #TFChallenge with a further commitment to active learning. This is a challenge that can be followed and developed in your school in order to encourage children to move and learn.

We encourage you to join the #TFChallenge and help make a difference – in addition to promoting active learning, of course.

Tagtiv8 TeachFirst Challenge

Let’s make a difference together!

To find out more about Teach First, follow the hyperlinks above. Follow them to on Twitter and Instagram and get involved…