Research and Development can be Fun

Like us, many of you will have seen the ‘viral’ video clip of the children playing ‘Noughts and Crosses’ in a PE session with hoops and bibs. Since then, we have been inundated with people asking for a Tagtiv8 version.

So, as a result of Research and Development with 3 primary schools, we are now ready to go with yet more Active Learning games for Maths and English. Not only do we have ‘Xs & 0s’ for numbers and words, we also have ‘Xs & 0s – XTREME!’ Like Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games, strategy is involved, but there is far less bloodshed.

When we say Research and Development, we refer to play and creativity. The children at Langham Village Primary School, Brudenell Primary School and Westerton Primary Academy took the original idea and refined it further, with twists and further ideas of their own.

Stepping back and watching the learners take a lead on the development was wonderful to behold. The way they discussed and reasoned what would work and what wouldn’t was inspiring. The collaboration involved a few minor fall-outs, but that’s what happens in life. It’s at times like this when I smile…when teachers can see their children engaged, animated and truly learning.

Thanks to all three schools, the teachers and their learners. You ‘Get It…’

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