Top-Up Tagtiv8 Word Kit (National Curriculum)


Tagtiv8 Word Top-Up kit (National Curriculum).


This Tagtiv8 Word Top-Up is based on the National Curriculum for English (2014)

Learning is fun

Top-Up Tagtiv8 Word (National Curriculum) is ideal for those who already have access to Tagtiv8 Number (Premium).

What is Included?

A large Tagtiv8 Word kit bag containing 3 smaller bags:

  • 80 yellow tags covering all the vowels
  • 130 red tags covering all the consonants
  • 155 blue tags covering the phonics and spelling requirements of the KS1 and KS2 Programmes of Study in English
  • Free Session Plans and Activity Cards

How can we use it?

Watch this…

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