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How to Access STEM – for FREE!

Do you like the look of our active learning games for Mathematics? Would you like to see our games in action…better still, play them? How about if we told you that you could play our games for free. Yes, that’s right – completely free, thanks to those wonderful folk at the Royal Institute for Science. It’s kind of Top Secret, but we think we can trust you to keep quiet about it.

The Royal Institution’s STEM ‘Enrichment and Enhancement’ (E & E) grants are designed to help schools and teachers go beyond the curriculum by using resources that are not usually readily available to schools.

The Royal Institution and Tagtiv8 - STEM activities for free

To find out more about what to do, click here.

To read about our successful STEM Activity Workshops last year, click here.

If you need any help with your application, just give us a call. We’d  love you to be successful with your bids for STEM E & E Grants!

What Did People Say Last Year?

We had some wonderful feedback from our successful STEM workshops last year…

Tagtiv8 Feedback - STEM 1

Tagtiv8 Feedback - STEM 2

Tagtiv8 Feedback - STEM 3


If you would like to play our games for free, see the links above or contact us for more information.

Let’s get STEM up and running in your schools…