Tagtiv8 School of The Month

Malton Community Primary School – January School of The Month

We know that January can often be a dull and dark month. Christmas festivities in the rearview mirror and dark nights and mornings feel like they’re here to stay forever. No wonder many succumb to the January Blues. However, our January has been quite different this year.

We really feel like we have hit the ground running in 2018.

January has been INCREDIBLY busy for us – full of amazing faces and places.

We have taken part in something new and exciting. We’re talking about Super Movers of course! You can read about this exciting movement here.

We have also been super busy with Tagtiv8 Activity Days and CPD at various schools all over the country. We must admit a good proportion of our January has been spent in the car listening to Nick Grimshaw, Greg James et al.

However, one school in particular has stuck out for us this month. Not necessarily because we have visited them, but because of all of the awesome ways that they have been incorporating active learning into their daily schedule as a school.

Why is Malton Community Primary School Our School of The Month?

Malton Community Primary School is an amazing school in North Yorkshire that really inspires us.

Their passion and commitment to active approaches in learning is impressive to say the least. We always smile when they share their innovative ways of moving and learning.

Seeing all the smiles on the children’s faces in every photo they share speaks a thousand words too. They clearly love to move and learn.


Malton Community Primary School were early advocates of Tagtiv8 and they keep surprising us with more and more ways to incorporate our resources into their learning on a regular basis.

Just look at this tweet from Malton CPS!

But it’s not just our resources that they incorporate. Malton Community Primary School are advocates of EVERYTHING AWESOME that active learning has to offer. They are a school that likes to move more than most, as seen here.

Malton Community Primary School


Malton Community Primary School Tagtiv8 would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Richard Allman and the rest of the staff at Malton Community Primary School for all of their hard work and dedication to making learning more active. From the look on the children’s faces they love active learning too.

We genuinely look forward to seeing what Malton Community Primary School is up to next and couldn’t be prouder to be linked with such an inspirational school.

 We are incredibly lucky to work & play with you.