Night Zookeeper #WCWM18

Explore the World and Turn it Upside Down with Words – World Creative Writing Month

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down,” according to Friedrich Nietzsche.

A bold statement from a bold person and the words ring true. Words have a massive impact and there is no denying it. Words are the things that shape our lives, shape who we are and shape our relationship with others.

Words represent us more than our personal style or preferences because they’re the things we put out to the world for others to hear. What we say or write will have some form of impact on the world.

But don’t worry, this blog is not turning into some sort of dissection on life and what words truly mean. It’s an opportunity for us to express how important we think words are and the impact they can have.

What is World Creative Writing Month?

Night Zookeeper #WCWM18

We are fully supporting our friends at Night Zookeeper with their creative writing campaign, World Creative Writing Month, #WCWM18

We think their message is super important to children’s development. #WCWM18 encourages children to be creative with their words. It encourages them to use creative writing as a form of expression and a way to play within their education. Not exactly in the way that Tagtiv8 are used to playing but in a way that allows them to explore and create within the walls of the classroom.

Night Zookeeper is holding a worldwide competition for the whole of March to encourage everyone to get involved with World Creative Writing Month. Classrooms around the world work together to write as many stories as possible. The very best writing is showcased each week with prizes up for grabs.

This fantastic video tells you everything you need to know about Night Zookeeper’s World Creative Writing Month’s competition.

So why are we so behind World Creative Writing Month?

Well, we think that the folk over at Night Zookeeper are pretty cool anyway, and we know that we have shared values. Their vision about education is quite similar to ours and we love what they do. That’s why we collaborate on projects such as this.Explore the world and turn it upside down with words - World Creative Writing Month

We also agree that it is important for children at a young age to explore the ways they can use words, with benefits throughout all stages of life.

It’s about realising the impact that words have on yourself and others…
Or how words can create places that you believe you have been to before as they feel so real and familiar…
Or creating a character that you can identify with…

Referring back to the opening statement, words can turn the world upside down. Let’s help children to understand the freedom and creativity they have with words.

Join in the competition and get creative this year for World Creative Writing Month.

Follow the hashtag #WCWM on twitter and interact with other classrooms globally. It only takes one word to get a conversation going and change the world.