Active Learning – Tackling Sedentary Periods

Last week, we shared with you our opinion on Sugar Tax, which is designed to help tackle childhood obesity. We are pleased that money raised by the tax will go into education via the Primary PE and Sports Premium.

However, there are also other ways to help tackle childhood obesity. Tagtiv8 approached Leeds Beckett University to test out our active learning approach. Here’s what Andy Daly-Smith and fellow researchers at Leeds Beckett University had to say:

“Now is the time to start to put Physical Activity into the most sedentary periods of the day – classroom lessons.”

According to the Childhood Obesity Plan of Action, at least 30 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) should be delivered in school every day through active break times, PE, extra-curricular clubs, other sport and physical activity events as well as, active lessons. A further 30 minutes of MVPA are to be supported by parents and carers outside of school time.

With the government making a conscious effort to tackle childhood obesity through Sugar Tax, it seems only right to start introducing active learning approaches into day-to-day classroom teaching. This will certainly tick the boxes to fulfil the 30 minutes outlined in the Childhood Obesity Plan on Action.

Not only does active learning help to reduce childhood obesity, it also helps children retain information. This will have a direct link to their performance in school and possibly in later life.

Active Learning - Tackling Sedentary Periods

We were delighted when Tagtiv8 were awarded a 5-star NESTA rating. Our outstanding NESTA rating is linked to the research completed by Leeds Beckett university referenced above.

This proved that pupils who took part in the Tagtiv8 lesson achieved over nine minutes more Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) compared to the traditional classroom lesson and spent 15 minutes less in sedentary time.

Active Learning - Tackling Sedentary Periods

To find out more about the research, the key findings and video visit the Leeds Beckett University website. The full report can be accessed here.  Click here to view the feature that appeared on various regions of ITV News.

If you would like some more information on active learning or any advice, reach out and we can genuinely help you #moveandlearn.