Seeing Things Differently – A Journalist’s Viewpoint

It’s always great when people ask to come along and see what we do in schools. The request from renowned journalist, Merlin John to join us when we were next in London was an offer we could not refuse.

Merlin champions the causes of many edtech start up companies and challenges mainstream thinking. He curates the awesome Agent4Change website.

To read his article, click here.

A journalist's viewpoint

Seeing Things Differently

We were pleased to see that Merlin picked up on our key messages:

“Some people think mathematics only happens in your head; it’s a purely intellectual exercise. But Bryn Llewellyn’s mission is to prove that maths – English too – is a lot more by enriching children’s learning through physical play activities.”


Thanks to Michelle Bates and her team at Lordship Lane Primary School in Haringey for welcoming us, as well as her kind words:

“Initially I invited Bryn in to do some work with my Year 5 cohort. The children loved it, and so did I! I knew it was important to share this excellent practice with the rest of my team and invited Bryn in to work with all the year groups at school and lead on some CPD for staff. It was fantastic and got all the staff thinking about active learning techniques using Tagtiv8. It was fantastic to see the PE coordinator and the maths coordinators teaming up to plan future opportunities.”

“We will most certainly be planning our own games and sharing them with the rest of the Tagtiv8 connections!”